Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Words, words, words...

Another post about Ryder... this time I coaxed more words out of him.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

31 shmirty one

I make myself laugh!!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday, my brothers and sisters and parents cannot believe that the baby of the family is so old. I have to remind them that they are WAY older than me.

Here is a rundown of the birthday festivities.. Friday night was a fitful night sleep thanks to congestion, injured shoulder, renting rooms, a baby that decides to wake up for no reason.. you get the idea. Eric let me sleep in Saturday morning. I woke up to the smell of breakfast and decided that I better get up and help with the morning chores. I pulled myself out of bed, put my robe and slippers on and headed to the kitchen, when I got there Eric told me to get back in bed quick and he called for the boys to come down to the kitchen and begin the birthday gift giving! Of course I didn't hesitate to hop back in bed only to be followed by 3 very handsome boys with a tray full of breakfast and a message that they have pre-ordered the Twilight DVD for the birthday girl. I sat in my bed eating scrambled eggs, toast and oranges watching "MOST HAUNTED", (I know, weird, but I love that show) all the while thinking how blessed I am to have Eric and my boys.

Eric didn't let me lift a finger all day yesterday, he did all of the motel laundry, all of the loading and unloading of the dishwasher and cleaning of the kitchen.

After lunch we headed into SLC to get a much needed bra fitting at Nordstrom. Let me just say that if you have never done this, YOU NEED TO!! I found one that does everything it is supposed to do for the bargain price of $74.00, I know, YIKES!

The boys (ok, mostly Eric) made a spaghetti dinner for me and we went to coldstone for some tastie ice cream treats..it was packed so we grabbed a couple of pints and hightailed it back home to enjoy. Thanks to my dad for buying said ice cream treats!

Thank you all for your birthday calls and cards, I love you (you know who you are and so do I).

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today was the big day. We (Arch, Ry & me) went to playgroup this morning, Archer brought doughnut holes to celebrate his b-day. When E got home from school he kept telling Archer "Happy birthday buddy" and Archer kept telling him "stop saying that!". Grandpa Dave and Grandma Michele took E and Arch to McD's and then to the store to pick out a b-day gift, needless to say, Archer was on cloud nine! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he quickly answered "steak" so we packed up the family and headed to Applebee's. Arch kept saying that it was the best dinner he ever had (I think Eric was a little upset that Arch liked this dinner better than the steak Eric makes). The waiters sang a b-day song for the b-day boy, I thought his ears were going to explode they were so red with embarrassment..To end the night we had batman cake and received birthday wishes from Aunt Angie, Uncle Colby, Aunt Kellie, Uncle Gary, Nathan, Tyler, Savannah, Grandma Jane and Grandpa Ron.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 is going to be fun!

Archer's 5th birthday is January 22, I cannot believe that "middle Buddy" (as grandpa calls him) is growing up so fast. This last week I have been gearing him up to go to the DR for his kindergarten check up, I explained that he will be weighed and measured and also get vaccines. Although he is very nervous about getting his vaccines, he is way more excited to finally be going to E's school in the fall.
ARCHER IS..very quick to say "sorry" and very quick to forgive, tender hearted, happy, loving, talkative, smart, stubborn, funny, eager to learn, some what independent, sweet and handsome. I absolutely adore him and I can't deny his BIG BROWN EYES and sweetness.

I sure do love you snugglebug!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say What??

Ok, I have been inspired by my friends' blog posts and I need to share SOME of the words that RyderRoo says. He imitates everything...but he has very little patience so we could only coax a few words out of him.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nursery is hard

To say that Ryder has a hard time in nursery is an understatement. As a former nursery worker a couple of times over, I know that when parents drop off their kids to nursery and just go quickly the kid will cry for a while and them become distracted. Ryder screamed for 20 minutes so they brought him to me. We both went back to nursery and every time I would stand up or switch positions he would scream. I know it is all my fault, I never leave him anywhere. With E and Snugglebug I worked full time so they were used to me leaving, but Ry thinks that if I leave him I will never ever come back. I guess it will just take time and patience... great!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

update on my MOM

My mom started to not feel well last Friday or so.. on Saturday she developed a terrible pain in her right side with a slight fever, later that night she started to feel better and even into Sunday morning she felt a little better. Sunday afternoon the pain returned and it was crippling for her. My dad took her to the ER Monday midmorning and from there they took her by ambulance to UofU Hospital. They did emergency surgery at around midnight to remove a very angry and infected gall bladder (she was near septic). She had a rough time on Tuesday, she was very disoriented and very sleepy. Wednesday she was more "with it" and was able to come home. She is now resting comfortably in her bed being cared for by my dad and Angie.
I am so thankful that this whole thing turned out the way it did (it could have gone very badly).

Thank you all for your concern and prayers!