Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breaking Spring in Colorado Springs

This picture is so funny to me because everyone is holding a phone or an ipod, I guess this is how the future is going to be, we will lose all capacity to socialize personally. This is my very handsome and such a great kid, nephew Jackson (or Jerkson) either way he responds to both. The last morning we were at my sisters we woke up the the yard being toilet papered. Darn teenage girls.. We went to Garden of the Gods (a maz ing) so beautiful and the boys had such a great time climbing all over the rocks with their cousin Sam and Aunt Kimmy. Ryder "helped" Aunt Kimmy down the mountain on her bum, everyone had a great time! Time to brag about my family..we invaded my sister's house. I say invaded because there were a total of 15 people and 5 dogs. It was crazy at times but it was so much fun. I am so thankful to have such wonderful parents and great brothers and sisters!

This is Hank and Roxy, they played the whole time. Hank was totally covered in Roxy drool constantly.