Friday, May 30, 2008


It has finally arrived...I have both dreaded and anticipated this day. Ethan is out of school for the summer. I guess I can't complain, the boys let me sleep until 8:30!!! I can't believe I slept that long.

Yesterday was the official day to cut the boys hair. Ryder was really interested in the clippers until the hair started to itch him and then he just cried, his nose was running and the tiny hairs got caught in the snot (yuck). He even had hair clippings in his diaper (yikes!).

I hope my tax stimulus check gets here soon, I need to get the trampoline ASAP!!!
p.s. Stacee I can't get on your blog!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

For your viewing pleasure...

Eric is working on puting up a fence in the backyard of the motel. Our plan is to have a private area that the kids can play and not be bothered by traffic from the motel. This means that we can also get the trampoline that I, I mean, the kids really want.

I took this video this morning, Ethan loves to play this game. I think he is pretty good at it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Message for G-ma Jane and G-pa Ron

Ethan and Archer ran through the sprinkler today while Ryder and I watched. Archer tried his hardest to avoid the water all together but it was so hot he just couldn't resist anylonger. Ryder loves to watch the water.

Eric was working on the sprinklers in the front yard today and he heard footsteps next to him. He looked up and it was a peacock!!! Anybody missing a peacock?!?!?!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Once again I will remind you all that I have the best husband ever!! On Saturday he began by giving me beautiful flowers {normally I don't like getting flowers because the cheap side of me always thinks that the $ spent on flowers could be spent on something else} but this time I told that side of me to shut up and enjoy it. Sunday morning he made a huge batch of cinnamon rolls for everyone to enjoy. Ethan and Archer worked hard at school making my presents, Ethan gave me a homemade "hug", a coupon book of things to do around the house and a flower with a picture of him in the center. Archer gave me a picture of a flower made out of his hand print and a funny question sheet he filled in the answers to.

Eric's mom brought him up right, she taught him that on Mother's day Mom does not do anything. So in the tradition of Jane I did nothing... I sat in my unmade bed and watched movies and was super lazy, all except the part where I had to take care of Ryder who has been sick since Friday night. Eric made the best dinner of pork chops and seasoned potatoes and the best part of all brownies and ice cream. My parents and my sister came over for dinner and stayed and played games, it was a great day!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

air guitar

Archer has a love/hate relationship with soccer. He loves the uniform and the idea of soccer but once we arrive at the field he immediately wants to play on the playground instead of playing soccer. While he is on the field he practices playing guitar hero and all sorts of games that involve shooting pretend guns. Last night he kept picking the dandy lions and running off of the filed to bring them to me, he is very sweet.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Today is Eric's birthday, he is 31. He is the most wonderful husband in the whole world. I know all of you ladies are probably thinking the exact same thing about your husbands too (I hope). The first thing Ethan said this morning was "happy birthday dad". That sort of thing means a lot to Eric. Today is his day, we will do whatever he wants, we will eat whatever he wants. I asked him what he wanted to do today and he said he had to go down to our house and fertilize the lawn and then work on the yard some more. I think we will head into Salt Lake and do some clothes shopping for the birthday boy.

I also have to thank Eric's parents on this day too!! Thank you for giving birth to and raising this man. He is a wondful husband and an even better dad.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My house...

I know it is really dumb miss a house -so- much, but I do. Eric and I built this home in '99. We have put blood, sweat and tears into it. We love it so much. Now that it is spring I really miss working out in the yard and planting flowers. I miss the fact that Ethan could have basically free reign over the neighborhood. I can't talk to Eric anymore about how much I miss the house because he says that I'm just like a missionary companion that always talked about home and it was just annoying. Ok, enough of the self pity party.

I am truly grateful that I have the chance to do something so great for my parents. They have owned the motel since 1976 and my mom has worked everyday since then cleaning rooms and doing laundry. She is a much stronger women than I am. She cleaned motel rooms every day, no matter what, even on Christmas! I think 31 years is enough already. I am glad that they get to spend more time together and travel. I only wish that there wasn't this terrible cloud called Alzheimer's disease hanging over the picture.