Friday, January 29, 2010

last couple of weeks

So we begin with Ethan's first pinewood derby. My dad, Eric and Ethan had so much fun designing and making this car. He took 10th place out of 20. not to bad but there is much to be improved upon for next time. Next we move on to Archer's 6th birthday. We had such a fun day, we started out by going to the store and picking out what kind of b-day cake he wanted me to make him. Then we picked out 3 very fun presents.. a nerf type of gun that is like a tommy gun (super fun, both g-pa and eric want one) a super box of playdoh (24 cans!) and a set of markers. G-pa Dave & G-ma Michele gave him $10 and so did G-pa Ron and G-ma Jane so we went to the store again and he bought spongebob operation.

After that came my b-day; the big 32. I got breakfast in bed and my favorite chicken for dinner and of course a yummy chocolate cake. For my birthday I got my hair done. I put some red in it as that is something i don't think i have ever done before. I quite like it!

the new "do" straight

the new "do" curly. Eric likes my curls...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010's whats for dinner

don't worry; they did get vegatables too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

ice forms

The week before Christmas we had FOG and at night it would freeze and stick to everything. Very cool!