Thursday, September 17, 2009

trampoline + big brother = OUCH!!

Poor Ryderroo, he hurt the ligiments behind his knee the other night.. he was on the trampoline with E. I am just glad he didn't break his leg, or neck for that matter. He is being as patient as a 2 year old can be. He can't put any weight on it at all. At least I can take it off at night.
He has been begging to play in the sandbox so I took him outside for a "picnic" and decided I could let him attempt standing between the sandbox and the stairs and he did great!

Monday, September 14, 2009

shiny girly stuff : }

When my sister Angie comes to town we always have fun doing girly stuff. She is awesome and always finds the greatest stuff to do. check out the funness.. is that a word?!?!

This is hair bling. it is really fine tinsel that you tie into a couple of strands of hair. It is really fun! I am kind of worried to do my hair curly because these shiny things don't have natural curl.

These are glitter toes, it involves accrylic, a UV lamp, fine glitter and layers of other stuff. It usually lasts for about 3 weeks and so far I've had a golden sand color, bright silver and now this cool purple.

I wonder what we will do next?!?!?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

kids say..

Yesterday I was walking Archer into the school when a little girl (she was very chubby and cute!) came running toward the door. As she passed me she said "I hope I didn't miss recess!!" I had to giggle :}