Sunday, July 26, 2009

too much family fun!!

It was my mom's 66th birthday so of course we took her to the zoo in 90 degree weather! My dad rented her a wheelchair so she didn't get too tired out before the real party began. We had a great time..looking at the animals but always finding shady spots to cool off in.
After the zoo, we prepared for the birthday party. My dad, my hubby, my brother and brother-in-law were all out in the garage putting the porch swing together that we all bought for mom.. mom kept asking where dad was (that is her new "thing" he can not leave her sight for long before she is wondering where he is). We kept telling her that he was over to the motel fixing something.. I don't think she ever really believed us. When the swing was finished we all went outside and waited for dad to bring her out. She came out of the front door and we were all wearing those silly glasses and crazy cat hats, it was a great sight to behold. She walked through the front door and we shot off confetti rockets -big ones- the neighbors weren't very happy I'm sure but we had a blast and so did she. We finished it off by singing happy birthday and setting the sparkler candles aflame. She deserves it all!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

mom & dad, brothers & sisters

I am so blessed to have such great parents and best friends for brothers and sisters.