Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthdays, Bikes and a Black eye

Well, since the last post we have had 3 birthdays at our house. Archer turned 7, I turned 33 and Ethan turned 10. Every year I let the boys pick out there own cake mix, frosting and decorations for their b-day cake. Archer chose a funfetti cake with chocolate frosting and lots of deco. Ethan chose a lemon cake with lemon frosting and just the number 10. I think he chose lemon just to be different but it was really yummy! The boys got new bikes and I got a prescription for the medicine you put on your eyelashes to make them grow (It really works!) and Eric got a black eye

Long story short : He was working on the snow plow attached to his truck and lost his footing and the antenna like thing( it is actually a marker to help you see how your snowplow is aimed) jabbed him about an inch under his eye. He actually bent the metal that connects the inch thick antenna thing to the plow. He is actually really blessed that he didn't lose his eye! This happened on Friday night and most of the swelling is gone but it is really colorful now; mostly dark purple. The boys keep telling him it looks like he is wearing makeup.