Saturday, November 26, 2011


I cannot believe I didn't take any pictures this year! I went searching and found this picture of E from Thanksgiving 2002 (I think). We ate dinner at my Grandma Kroff's house that year and I remember my Aunt Julie made a really yummy dish that had apples and sweet potatoes in it.

This year (2011) we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's house. Colby & Marcie, Angie & her dogs, and me and my family were there and of course we had more pies than we knew what to do with. The boys had a sleepover at grandma's with Aunt Angie and of course did not sleep very well and were up bright and early at 6:30am, much to Aunt Angie's dismay. My boys (except Ry) are early birds like their Grandpa Ron and their dad.

I am so thankful for the life I live. I know that I have struggles and sometimes I think my life is pretty tough, but in all actuality I have nothing I should complain about. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of my Heavenly Father's kindness, mercy and love.

Halloween 2011

I'm pretty sure Ry has been Batman for the past 3 Halloweens... oh well, it makes life easy for me! E was a ghost pirate and Arch was... I dunno really.. We went trick-or-treating on Main street then came back to our house to eat dinner. After dinner we let the kids out to terrorize the neighborhood.