Thursday, September 6, 2012

Home Improvement

Eric and I have been working our tails off around the house. Some things needed to be done and some things we updated just because we wanted to. Not everything we have been working on is finished yet but I'll give you a sneek peak at our hard work.
I had almost the whole inside of the house painted, we put new flooring in (LOVE IT!!), painted all of the trim high gloss white, this next one Eric is not too sure about but I am digging it big time.. painted the interior doors high gloss black. Eric ripped out a little wall that sepparated our kitchen/dining room and it made the space so much bigger! Ethan's room was just a bit too big so Eric also ripped out a wall there and built another one. I am so impressed with my hubby, he is so talented and is able to fix/build almost anything. Gotta go, I'm sure there is something around here I'm supposed to be painting right now. p.s. I can't find the spellcheck thing and I'm sure that I've misspelled many words so deal with it.

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